Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Aspiration Pneumonia diagnosed in June, 2010

In June, 2010 I was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia, which was confirmed by chest X-Ray. My GP put me on one strong antibiotic for ten days called Teva-Levoflaxacin. I took three 250 mgs tablets three times daily for a total of 750 mgs daily. It really helped me and I have been fine since then.

I also had my yearly Chest CT scan in June and saw my respirologist in mid July to find out that my bronchiectasis is getting worse and will continue to get worse because of all the previous infections, eight aspiration pneumonias and damage already done in my lungs.

However for the last month and a half I have been going to two different shopping malls to walk with my walker over 1-1/2 kms daily, which I never did before.


Jack said...

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