Friday, December 04, 2009

My six week hospitalization for a lung infection and pneumonia from August 8 to Sept 17, 2009

For the first two weeks I was in Intensive care (ICU), was intubated for six days with ventilator and in induced coma where a respiratory therapist suctioned the mucus from my lungs. I lost 60 to 70 % of my strength.

The third week was spent on the medicine floor.

The fourth, fifth and sixth weeks were spent in Rehabilitation where I regained enough strength through exercises to be discharged to go home. I was on oxygen and antibiotics for five weeks. I really never thought I would get out of hospital during the first week in Rehab. I had two CT lung scans and one chest x-ray. I am almost back to normal now.

I have been walking with a walker since I fell in my bath tub and crushed L1 vertebrae last April. It has been six months since I fell and I am still having difficulties with my back. Had physio and am now going to my chiropractor twice a week. Had a total body bone scan and a lower back scan recently. Results of scan revealed that Vertebrae L1 has decreased in height by one half which makes me lean forward most of the time owing to the wedge effect of L1.

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