Saturday, March 28, 2009

OC HOSPITAL STAY from Dec 7 to Dec 11, 2008

QCHospital Stay from Dec 7 to Dec 11, 2008

PNEUMONIA Taken by ambulance from my home to hospital early Sunday morning.

ADMITTED by Dr. S. Morrin, M.D.,F.R.C.P.(C) Internal Medicine, Hematology on Monday after spending day and night in Emergency. Was discharged on Thursday.

OXYGEN Was on oxygen for 4 days. O2 level on admittance was 88 % and when I left was 92 % while on oxygen O2 levels were 97 %
Took blood sample from artery to see if I was eligible for home oxygen and the respiratory therapist in hospital advised me not to have it at home.

CHEST XRAY in hospital on Dec 8

ANTIBIOTIC: 750 mgs of LEVAQUIN once daily in morning for 15 days total including 5 days in hospital

PHYSIOTHERAPY: Had chest physio to help me cough up and will have more treatments as an outpatient to teach my wife how to do this.

SPUTUM : Abundance of thick stringy white froth and very little yellow mucus

LUNG HYGIENE at home: Steam vaporizer with acapella

FOLLOWUP CT SCAN Ordered by Dr j Lemelin and was done on Dec 3 at QCH
Previous one was on July 18th at General Hospital. Have not been told results of it.

DIETITIAN REFERRAL I want to be referred to Bernice Wood, dietitian of ParaMed at 613-728-7080. Who has looked after me since I first had my Peg Rube installed 2-3/4 years ago.
Since hospitalization , I made a decision not to have anything orally again. Everything will go through my PEG Tube ie Vitamins, all medicines and all nourishment.
I am taking in 1800 calories a day or six cans a day. I am really suppose to have 2100 calories a day. I have lost 10 pounds since hospitalization.
I have decided to not to take anything orally as before: pint of beer, Aero dark chocolate bar because I have had 2 pneumonia within 6 months of each other.

MOUTH HYGEINE: Saw Speech language pathologist in hospital and she stressed good oral hygiene. Brushing my teeth twice a day and scraping my tongue. : Had bed side swallowing test in hospital

SPUTUM COLOUR Green. PLEASE test my sputum for infection.

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