Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pneumonia and Resulting Lung function Tests

Last April 25, 2008 I had chest x-rays done and was prescribed antibiotics for seven days because I could hardly breathe and was coughing up yellow and green mucus. I was told to puff my ventolin four times daily for 3 days , 2 puffs per treatment or 8 puffs per day as well as take my spiriva once daily and flovent twice daily. Now I am coughing up only yellow mucus. Green mucus is a sign of infection and I had a very low grade fever for one and a half weeks.

I have been off the antibiotics for 2 weeks now and I am feeling much better.  

Yesterday on May 12, 2008 I saw my respirologist and he read my chest x-rays taken on April 25, 2008 and informed me that I had pneumonia in the lower right lobe and that my lung function had decreased 6 percent from 8 months ago.  My oxygen levels were still at 88 % as compared to 93 %, 8 months ago.

I will see him in one month for reevaluation and he is considering i be tested fot my oxygens levels during a sleep study. I may be a canditate for CPAP or BIPAP.

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