Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My appointment with my respirologist on Jan 14/14

My lung function test revealed that my FEV1 increased from 19 (A year and a half ago) to 35. This was an awesome improvement. Last time My FEV1 was 35 was in 2009. I underwent a blind test where I walked for six minutes on Compressed Air and another six minute walk on 4 litres per minute flow of Oxygen. The comparison of results were not great enough to be used as evidence with my insurance company. However My respirologist will write my insurance company telling why I need oxygen on forced exertion. At rest I am fine. I told my respirologist that my Inguinal hernia was acting up and the results of an ultrasound test convinced my GP to refer me to a General Surgeon. My respirologist said there was no way he wanted me to have this surgery as it would be very painful and I would not be able to tolerate the effects of the strong pain medicine on my breathing. If the hernia was incarcerated and my life was at risk, then he would give his consent. I asked him if I could fly and he said I could with a portable Oxygen concentrator otherwise my oxygen blood saturation level would decrease to 80 which is not good. My next appointment would be in a year from now.

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